Looking Towards the Future, Seniors Start Preparing For College

Hayden Weber, Editor

On May 24, the Class of 2017 will finally walk the stage at graduation and depart from their experiences from the last four years. They will look back and cherish every football game, Homecoming, Prom, and pep assembly as they leave behind everything they have known for the last eighteen years and embark on a new journey into the real adult world.

Seniors are in the phase right now of deciding on a major they want to study and what school they would like to attend.

According to Expert College Website, Peterson’s, it is suggested to chose a college based on different criteria such as location, size, setting, ranking, and price/financial aid.

“If you can’t live without nightlife, think city! If you’re into the great outdoors, you might want to go rural. When examining options, think about where you grew up and how much of a change you want,” said the Peterson’s team. “Not all colleges and universities have the same price tag…consider your special talents outside of the classroom for scholarships.

College and Career Adviser, Mr. Navarjo, suggest that seniors need to be looking and applying right now.

“FAFSA opens in October, so they should be applying in October for early college decisions,” he said. “They should be looking and applying for colleges based on two categories. Safety schools, which are colleges you know you can get in based on grades and ACT/SAT scores, and reach schools, which are colleges that you don’t quite meet the requirements for admission, but still want to attend. You can always strive higher.”

Some Seniors like Alyssa Martinez already has a good idea of what they want to do in college.

“I think I will probably go to ASU next year for nursing,” said Alyssa. “I really like the campus and I will get a scholarship for the Cesar Chavez Leadership Camp that I attended over the summer at the ASU campus. Attending the camp is what made me fall in love with ASU.”

Senior Adriana Flores has an idea of what she wants to do, but is unsure of what school to attend.

“I don’t have a major picked out yet, but I definitely think I am going to do something in the medical field for sure,” said Adriana. “I am going to see what school offers me the most amount in financial aid and scholarships, but I’m leaning towards attending the University of Arizona because a lot of my family members went there so I feel like it’s kind of a tradition.”

In the upcoming month, Seniors will have the opportunity to attend workshops and classes on college admissions and scholarships such as the Senior Scholarship Marathon on October 5, and the District FAFSA workshop on October 19.