Springtime Hiking

Gabi Chambers, VHS Writer

Springtime is the wonderful time of year when it is not too hot and not cold to finally do outside activities in Phoenix, Arizona. However, since there are no beaches close by it is sometimes hard to think of something fun to do. Some people go to Baseball Training Games, but those can get boring so they go hiking instead.

Senior Aidan Mathews is a part of Verrado’s Hiking Club and he tries to hike once or twice a month. “I like hiking because I really enjoy nature in general. I find it relaxing to listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy the scenery of the trails,” says Mathews.

Other students prefer to use hiking as a stress reliever during these last few months of school, “I like hiking because it makes me feel free, it’s a way for me to distract myself from all of the stress I have,” says senior, Magali Mendoza.

In the Phoenix area there are many mountains that have trails for people to hike on. Some of the most popular places are; Camelback Mountain, South Mountain, the Estrella Mountains, and the White Tank Mountains.

Camelback Mountain is about 37 miles out of Verrado, but it is well worth the drive. The mountain is 2,704 feet, giving great views to anyone who climbs it. According to the Camelback Mountain website, “There are 2 hiking trails, Echo Canyon and Cholla. Both trails are difficult, while Echo Canyon is steeper and Cholla is longer.”

If you are looking for a wider variety of trails try South Mountain. There are 51 miles of trails for horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking. It’s highest point is Mount Suppoa (not accessible to the public) which is 2,690 feet, the highest point that the public can get to is Dobbins Lookout which reaches to 2,330 feet.

There are also many places closer to Verrado to hike at, the Estrella Mountain Regional Park includes more than just hiking trails. It is the only grass picnic area (65 acres) in the whole Maricopa County Park System. There is also 33 miles worth of hiking trails.

The most popular of them all is the White Tank Mountains and the Waterfall Trail, located right outside of Verrado. The waterfall only flows after a recent rain, but that does not stop people from visiting it everyday. It is a short 1.9 miles hike good for all ages, and dogs. The White Tanks have about 30 miles of other hikes worth trying as well, all with different difficulty.

Since springtime can be here and gone in a flash, it is important to take advantage of the weather and get outside while you can. If you go hiking during the day make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks to stay hydrated and healthy.