Riverdale- Not What it Seems

Kayla Wilson, VHS Writer

Although Riverdale was released on January 26, 2017, the drama TV show did not begin to get popular until it was released to Netflix on May 19, 2017. Once word spread of the teen series, watchers everywhere were hooked.

The cast of Riverdale poses for their Season 2 debut shoot in front of Pop’s Diner on July 11, 2017. Pop’s is where the characters in the show spend the majority of their time, making the set an asset to the development of the story. (Photo by Eric King)

Based on the Archie Comics, a group of high school friends take it upon themselves to solve a murder mystery in their small town of Riverdale. Watchers are able to join the characters on their adventure in discovering many secrets about their not-so-safe town they call home.

One of the highlights of the show seems to be the refreshingly new cast. People have been falling in love with the new faces on and off screen. But the actors as people seem to distract their fans from their actual acting ability.

“Cole Sprouse- they’re in love with his face so they don’t see how bad of an actor he is,” junior Arianna Contreras said. “There’s pretty bad acting and dialogue, but people still like the show because of the actors.”

Riverdale is known for its lovable cast, but the actors’ lack in acting skills takes away from what the show could be. There are frequent scenes throughout the season where the emotions and actions of the characters could be portrayed better, but the watchers are still able to connect with the actors.

Although their acting skills could use improvement, the diverse and captivating cast adds immensely to the storyline. The storyline is developed over thirteen episodes, allowing for a suspenseful yet progressive plot. Each episode grabs the attention of the watcher, keeping them interested throughout the entire season.

“There’s a lot of cliff-hangers that make you keep watching. It’s annoying,” senior Ryan Fimbres said. “It’s really interesting because there is so much leading up to that final moment, and I would have never expected it.”

Although the storyline is occasionally cheesy with witty dialogue, the plot proves to be well-thought out as it is realistic, such as in the romantic content, and original, even though it is based on a comic.

The storyline is also brilliantly portrayed through the use of fantastic cinematography that keeps the watcher engaged and satisfied. New artists and up-to-date music with the interesting clips especially adds to the storyline.

“I thought the soundtrack was really good because they chose very different songs that matched each moment really well,” sophomore Logan Lunt said. “All the shots and clips had a modern look to them, but I think the music really pulled them together.”

Overall, the clips used in the show are shot in unique perspectives that add to what the watcher is supposed to focus on. Even the appropriate lengths of each individual clips are cut to keep the watcher engaged.

Fans are marking their calendars in preparation for Season 2 coming out this October. Make sure to catch up on the first season and join the cast and other watchers next month on the continued journey full of mystery and plot-twists to see what happens next.