Breitwieser Brightens Verrado Once Again


English teacher Mrs. Becky Breitwieser is an avid learner that teaches students to always follow their interests. Breitwieser was a lawyer, engineer, editor along with a variety of other careers that allowed her to continue her love of learning prior to becoming a teacher. Photo credit to Krysyan Edler.

Krysyan Edler, Editor-in-Chief

Becky Breitwieser returns to the Verrado teaching staff

Mrs. Becky Breitwieser is one of the new faces seen when roaming the D-wing, but she is no stranger. Breitwieser began her teaching career at Verrado and has returned to teach sophomore and junior English as well as AP Human Geography.

With seven years of experience, she has taught at Verrado High School from 2010 to 2014 and California’s Culver City High School from 2015-2017. She taught English, Mythology and Science Fiction, where they built robots and made Sci-Fi films. Breitwieser implements hands-on learning into her classroom.

“She gives us something and let’s us to do it,” sophomore Isabella Kohrt said. “She gives us freedom where we can actually talk and work as long as we get our work done.”

Her experience makes Breitwieser stand out. She adds plenty of experience and diversity to Verrado’s faculty.

“She brings experience, especially in writing,” English department head Mrs. Stephanie Sellers said. “She is a problem solver.”

Like all teachers, the Ohio native has a life outside of the classroom. One day she would even like to publish the novel she has been writing. As an avid traveler, reader, writer, cyclist and exotic chef she is always ready to learn something new.

“My husband and I quite a few years ago traveled for 16 months, so we went sort of halfway around the world,” Breitwieser said. “One of my favorite places was Africa; I loved Kenya. I’ve enjoyed every place we’ve visited, but I would say Kenya and Ireland were two of many high points.”

As expected of an English teacher Breitwieser is quite the literature buff. Her interests span across various genres.

“I love everything,” Breitwieser said. “I read a lot of different stuff. I really like reading mysteries; I really enjoy that genre. I love Sci-Fi, but I also love essays. So I really like reading the great essay writers of the world, and I like reading essays from all over the world.”

Literature has played an impactful role in her life. Some of literature’s beloved characters inspired her to pursue her interests later in life.

“I think that Atticus in To Kill a Mockingbird and Clarence Darrow in the play Inherit the Wind [are relatable],” Breitwieser said. “Those two pieces of literature really made me want to be a lawyer and study law, so they really had a huge impact on my life.”

Her passion for law carried over when she previously sponsored Junior States of America, a leadership club where students create laws and debate current issues. With a lot of different interests she is ready to contribute to the school she loves by sponsoring almost any club that a student will come to her with. Her love of the Verrado pride is what brought her back to Arizona.

“I came back to Verrado because I love the Verrado culture,” Breitwieser said. “As a teacher having open walls is such a great thing because I know the people in my wing. We talk to each other, and we exchange ideas with each other. So there’s this idea that there are no barriers in getting to know each other and to appreciate who we are as people, and I think that that is so important.”

The former lawyer, magazine editor and Silicon Valley engineer has vast experience across a variety of different fields, but teaching is where her heart is. The reasoning behind her years spent teaching is quite clear.

“I wanted to give back,” Breitwieser said. “I’ve done a lot of things in my life. I think the bottom line is that I love learning. I wanted to share that love of learning because I know it helped me be successful in life. I want to give that back to my students because I had teachers who gave that to me and really helped me understand why that is so important. It’s fun being a teacher. I love walking through that door every morning. I love walking into my classroom. I love being here. It’s exciting to me. It makes me happy.”