Spooky Snaps: a Chance for Festive Memories


Yearbook members, Izabela Duarte and Nikki Nelson, work on making a flyer to advertise Spooky Snaps on October 19, 2017 in the yearbook classroom. The Spooky Snaps photo booth is an important fundraiser for raising money to improve the quality of this year’s yearbook. Photo by Kayla Wilson.

Kayla Wilson, VHS Writer

This Halloween season, the yearbook staff will be giving students and staff the chance to get their picture taken in a festive photo booth outside the cafeteria on October 30 and 31. Students can get into the seasonal spirit and support yearbook by buying a Spooky Snap for one dollar per person during their lunch period.

Students find the idea of a photo booth for a fundraiser enjoyable because it provides an opportunity for people to get fun pictures with their friends.

“I think it’s a really good idea to do a Halloween photo booth,” sophomore Hannah Zaleski said. “I’m going to do it because getting your picture taken with your friends will always be a memory that you can keep forever.”

The yearbook staff also gets excited as they prepare the Spooky Snaps photo booth for the school. Making flyers and gathering props makes them hope that the turnout is worth the hard work.

“I’m hoping to see a bunch of people come out and support our school and have a good time,” junior and editor-in-chief Sophie Fabits said. “I’m excited to see how it turns out. This is something new that I think everyone will like because people enjoy taking pictures, especially with their friends.”

Money gathered from the Spooky Snaps fundraiser will help improve the yearbook and broaden their horizons in terms of editing and producing the book. This makes the photo booth an important contribution to the quality of this year’s yearbook.

“This fundraiser will help our class to purchase the much needed equipment in order to produce a high quality yearbook,” yearbook advisor Colleen Koblinski said. “We have limited camera availability which makes it very difficult to capture all of the events that happen at Verrado on a daily basis.  I hope students take advantage of the photo booth, while supporting the students at the same time.”

After anyone gets their picture taken with their friends and the festive props, they have the option of getting it printed or emailed to them. The pictures will be available the Friday of that week. By supporting the yearbook and participating in such fundraisers, students can help create an unforgettable commemorative for their 2017-2018 year of high school.