Review: Happy Death Day


The cover of the new teenage dark comedy “Happy Death Day” directed by Christopher B. Landon. Photo credit to Michelle Belfield. This film was released on a fitting date of October, Friday the 13th.

Hannah Shelton, VHS Writer

The concept of reliving the same day over and over is already perplexing, but for Tree Gelbman, played by Jessica Rothe, it is a nightmare as each day ends with her being gruesomely murdered by an anonymous killer. “Happy Death Day” directed by Christopher B. Landon is a dark comedy featuring a stereotypical stuck up sorority girl who has unlimited opportunities to find out who is killing her.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” junior Josh Mueller said. “The characters were unique and very likeable. Even though the main character, Tree, acted like a terrible person, you sympathize with her because you can see there is a lot more to her.”

The characters were like all teenagers; they have their ups and downs. Being able to relate to these people made the movie even more enjoyable. Not only that, but the shot types are quite brilliant. The extreme close ups of Tree and the killer’s face gives you chills. Each death of Jessica makes you jump and almost scream, even though it happens several times. The creepiness and suspense has you at the edge of your seat.

“Going into the movie, I wasn’t expected to be scared,” senior Hannah Hinz said. “I definitely had to cover my eyes a few times. It was the perfect mix of comedy and suspense. The killer would pop out so unexpectedly, it made me jump every time. But then Tree would say some sarcastic comment and make you laugh. It was exciting.”

Through all the killings and college parties, there is a sentimental family story. This part of the movie could be enjoyable for parents, as there is a moral about being nice to them. The plot itself is quite thorough, as it explains the crazy plot twists and mysterious characters.  However, there are a few holes in the end that leave you with questions and wondering what happened.

“I was insanely shocked by the plot twist,” senior Claire Sheriff said. “I thought the movie was going to be one way but it was definitely another. But the first way was kind of left hanging, I want to know what happened to certain people. I’m also still confused on the overall moral of this movie.”

Throughout the film, the mood of the music makes you feel anxious for what happens next. Even as Tree dances the night away at frat parties, you can still feel the evil killer making his way down through the intense background sounds.

“Happy Death Day” was the perfect teenage thriller. It kept you immensely intervened, curious, and excited. Although there were a few plot holes, the characters were likeable, each killing was suspenseful, and the plot twist was insanely shocking.