Hidden Truth of Stranger Things Season Two


Stranger Things cast gets together and in character for a photoshoot with Jackson Davis promoting Season 2. Each actor wore their usual costume that they previously had worn before in Season 1. Photo Credit to Jackson Davis.

Jessica Quintana, VHS Writer

Sci-Fi Netflix original Stranger Things comes back just in time for Halloween to lure their fans back in with an action packed trailer.

Stranger Things is set in the 1980’s based off of the CIA’s MKUltra mind control program.  Joyce Byers, portrayed by the iconic Winona Ryder’s son, goes missing inexplicably leading into a series of dark mysteries that cannot be answered, but is later helped by a victim of the MKUltra program, Eleven.

The first season ended in a turn of events leaving lots of cliffhangers.  The new trailer led to possible explanations and theories of what’s to come.

The new trailer featuring Eleven led to multiple possibilities despite the unexpected turnout of season one.

“I’m really excited to see why Eleven is back because I was shocked when she had to leave last season,” sophomore Alyssa Helbert said. “The only reason I have for Eleven to come back would probably be because the demogorgon is back to attack.”

The cinematography in the new trailer was very impressive with countless angles, suspenseful soundtrack, use of cool tone colors, with a balance of lights and lighting of primary colors. The lights were appropriate since there was no constant flashing of lights shown which is great for photosensitive epileptic viewers.

The trailer did a fantastic job on relating back to the first season so it would flow much more smoothly with the time span. Not only did it flow smoothly, but it also presented a huge upcoming problem which creates even much more excitement and tension.

But certain viewers also thought the trailer needed some work. Due to it getting more fictional and lack of focus on the truth of MKUltra.

“I’m a little sad they’re going pretty far from the actual realistic part of MKUltra due to the alien-like monster,” senior Alex Esqueda said. “But then again, the telekinesis of Eleven was pretty far fetched. But overall, it looks promising. I hope they can tie it together because now it seems more than likely more kids will have super powers.”

 It would have been even more fitting if Stranger Things stuck to the truth of MKUltra. Even though they’re going to a more fictional direction, it still looks promising enough to preserve its bone chilling plot.

Stranger Things is most age appropriate to the demographics of middle schoolers, high schoolers and adults alike as it does involve some triggers that can lead to panic attacks, sexual references, violence, smoking, and drinking.

“I think middle school age would be fine to watch,” Assistant Principal Holly Bonessi said. “But I wouldn’t let my son see it alone because it does have some scary parts.”

Altogether, the new trailer for Season 2 of the Netflix original Stranger Things is compelling and an attention grabber. The cinematography certainly was a huge hit, and it was obvious a lot of work was put into it. Overall, it was an exceptional trailer with just a more fictional aspect, that correlates with the Sci-Fi genre. Just right in time before Halloween, October 27, 2017 the show will come back with a brand new season on Netflix.