From a Small Thought to a Masterpiece


A graphite drawing on paper of Wonder Woman from the Justice League movie. In this piece you can see the use of different graphite techniques such as smudging and gradients from a light value to a darker value to represent shading and the illusion of light. Drawing by Jessie Siemens. Photo by Madeleine Lelito.

Madeleine Lelito, VHS Writer

It takes courage to show people the outcome of putting a pencil to paper, but it takes talent and hard work to create a picture-perfect masterpiece to show the world. Junior Jessie Siemens has the perfect amount of creative talent and courage to create amazing artwork that looks straight out of a photograph.

Jessie’s art style is hyperrealism, rather than being similar to a cartoon, it reflects more of a photograph than a drawing. Art styles like this are one of the hardest ways to draw, as it requires studying the structure and proportions of the subject of the art, which is why this is also one of the most impressive art styles.

“I think the fact that she can draw so well is really cool, but I’m a bit jealous because she can draw like that,” junior Bobby Lapp said. “I really envy her since I draw too. It’s amazing how realistic her art looks.”

Siemens’ art style stays consistent for the most part, although she is also able to draw in a cartoon style, and she also does paintings. She doesn’t just draw with the traditional graphite, however, her mediums of art vary from charcoal to oil paints, to even more.

“I have two favorite mediums as of the moment: oil and graphite,” junior Jessie Siemens said. “For painting I prefer oils given that they are slow drying and allow me to work on a piece for several days to weeks, making it possible for me to add anything I might have missed or bring to light little details I would have originally ignored. When I’m drawing, however, graphite works because it’s simple to get any range of value in a gray scale.”

Jessie has been drawing since middle school, and her art has improved as time has went passed. Her first drawing style was similar to a western cartoon style, and she used colored pencils and graphite to draw. However, now her art style and mediums are drastically different.

“Jessie used to draw people with three toes, and now they’re like photographs,” junior Samantha Hinton said. “It’s been awesome to see her progress, and she’ll probably only go further.”

Jessie puts a lot into her artwork, and feels close to them when she finishes them. A few of them are framed as well. Jessie draws a lot of celebrities and other old movie characters, even plays and musicals as well, but despite the appeal to pop culture, what really draws people to her work is the amount of detail and effort that’s visible in her art.

“When people see my art, usually they compliment it almost immediately,” Siemens said. “Many of my subjects are a reflection of myself and can be very personal. Due to this, I may keep a piece to myself, because, although I’m flattered by their appreciation, I feel certain aspects of art are best left up to one’s imagination.”