Meet Kelly Hickey: The Ukulele Player!


Kelly Hickey in her Psychology class right after taking notes. She took over 3 pages of notes during this period and tried to make them as neat as she can so she can learn better. Photo Credit to Jessica Quintana.

Jessica Quintana, VHS Writer

With her sophomore year just starting, Kelly Hickey starts off with a bang as she has straight A’s in her core classes.

Along with having great grades, Hickey has talents such as playing the guitar and the ukulele and has a unique style. She is a designer for the Fashion Club and is heavily involved with school.

“Straight A’s are something I work really hard for,  I try to take neat notes and absorb as much information I can in a class,” sophomore Kelly Hickey said. “Asking questions and researching topics also help me achieve grades I’m proud of.”

Impressively, Kelly is a self-taught ukulele player and has been playing since the eighth grade.

“I started teaching myself the ukulele in the eighth grade,” Hickey said. “But before that I had received a guitar for my birthday a couple years earlier, and when I decided to start playing it, it was really difficult and I decided to start on something smaller. My grandma got it for me during her trip to Hawaii, and it means a lot to me. It made me love music more than I had before and helped me learn to play another instrument as well.”

Once Kelly is done with high school she wants to spend her life helping others with high aspirations.

“After high school I would like to attend NAU or Washington State’s nursing program,” Hickey said. “Later in life,  I would like to become a pediatric nurse. Helping people has always been important to me, and being able to help them heal and grow is something I’d really like to do. I would like to become a pediatric nurse because I like the idea of helping people grow and heal.”

Kelly takes an Honors English Class with Nathan Gardner. He sent out an email to her parent earlier in the year to let her know she was doing a splendid job.

“I am writing you this morning because I am happy to report that not only is your student receiving an A in their English class, but they either have the highest grade or are tied for the highest grade in their respective class for the whole first quarter,” English Teacher Nathan Gardner said via email. “This is quite an accomplishment and I wanted you to know about it.”

One of Kelly’s best friends named Emily Alfay admits that Kelly’s biggest flaw is that she’s too nice. She is caring of everyone.

“The thing I love most about her is the fact that she is so understanding and caring about everyone’s feelings and will help anyone no matter what,” sophomore Emily Alfay said. “Kelly’s biggest flaw, and I’m being serious here, is being too nice.”

Solving problems is no hard task for Kelly, it’s a talent of hers. She’s a natural problem solver.

“I think I’m best at problem solving. If something isn’t working,” Hickey said. “I think it’s best to find positives in the situation and use them to learn and solve the problem.”