The Gift of Giving to Others


Thanksgiving themed cards fill countless rows of the card section in Target. The Thanksgiving season and madness has finally arrived. Photo Credit to Jessica Quintana.

Jessica Quintana, VHS Writer

As Thanksgiving approaches, families across the United States prepare for the food madness. However, one-third of the country cannot afford food, shelter, or healthcare. That’s almost 10 million.

Maybe Thanksgiving isn’t so delightful after all for those 10 million Americans. That does not mean it can’t  be though; Stugo is taking in donations from November 6-16. The donations they want are cases of water, deodorant, socks, hair ties, toothbrushes, toothpaste, travel-sized soap, and chapstick.

Helping the less fortunate can come back with benefits according to teacher Camille Jackson, such as receiving help in return.

“It is our duty to help those that are less fortunate,” Geometry teacher Camille Jackson said. “We should give what is necessary to give: clothes, food, sense of belonging, show that we are about their well being and love. When we help others, we get something in return. Someone will help us in return. ”

It’s time for individuals to become aware that help is needed and encouraged. Especially during the holiday season, since a large quantity is missing out.

“It’s important for us to not forget the ones in need because they need someone to give them hope and support,”  sophomore Orquidia Real said. “They have been through many hardships in their lives, and the least we can do is help them out as much as we can. People know that the less fortunate do not have enough to purchase such materialistic items that we desire to have. Although they also suffer through the lack of common necessities such as food, water, and a place to call home.”

There are many ways to donate that isn’t just money. Just as there’s many places to donate to. “We can donate to many places that give out to the people that are in need,” sophomore Orquidia Real said. “It doesn’t necessarily need to be money, although, that contribution is grand. People can donate used or new clothing and purchased foods.” If students are too late to donate to Stugo, they can also donate at the Verrado community’s for the Joy of Giving Celebration on December 3, 2017 at 5pm through 7pm.