Nothing Bundt Cakes- Fall Edition


This holiday season, Nothing Bundt Cake is selling a pumpkin spice flavored cake that is perfect for this fall. The cake is favorable among many people, alongside with their other flavors. Photo taken by Kayla Wilson.

Kayla Wilson, VHS Writer

If anyone is looking for extra sweets this holiday season, Nothing Bundt Cakes is the perfect place to go to satisfy a sugar-craving. With the closest site being located on Mcdowell and Litchfield Road, people are able to grab any desired flavor of cake, ranging from chocolate chocolate chip to white chocolate raspberry anytime between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

This fall they have a pumpkin spice flavored bundt cake that’s perfect for the holiday season. They even offer designs for other holidays, such as Christmas and birthdays. This seasonal flavor tends to be a hit due to it’s soft texture and sweet flavor.

“I’ve never been there before, but trying the pumpkin spice one makes me want to go try their other flavors,” said senior Orlando Rivas. “This flavor is especially good for the holiday season. I liked it overall; the cake wasn’t dry and the frosting was really good, but the spices were a little overpowering. But I will definitely try their other flavors because this one was really good.”

The pumpkin spice flavor even seems to satisfy those who usually do not crave the fall taste. Despite the fact that the cake could be made even better, it still makes people want to go try out their other flavors.

“I’m not usually a fan of pumpkin, but I would still rate this a 9.5 on a scale of 1-10,” said senior Emily Nider. “I would definitely recommend it to other people, but if I were to change anything, I would probably add chocolate chips or make the frosting thinner. I would definitely be open to trying their other flavors because the cake just melts in your mouth.”

Although the pumpkin spice is favored among many, some prefer their other flavors. Yet, the flavor is especially enjoyable due to the time of year.

“I enjoy the flavor because it was fitting for the season,” said teacher Ms. Koblinski. “It was moist and tasty. It’s not my favorite flavor, but it’s definitely in the top five. I would most definitely recommend it to other people because I think it’s great value, and its taste is something you can’t beat”

Needless to say, the pumpkin spice bundt cake, along with their other flavors, is an essential snack for the holidays this season.