Students Prepare for 2017 Midterms and Finals


Most students review their notes from the semester to refresh their memory before finals. Senior Orlando Rivas studies his literature notes for his upcoming test. Photo credit goes to Hannah Shelton.

Hannah Shelton, VHS Writer

As finals grow nearer, so does the overload of stress that students face. Verrado’s finals are 10% of a student’s final grade, meaning their score determines what shows up on the final transcript.

Midterms and finals take place the Thursday and Friday before winter break begins. Once the testing starts, StudentVue is inaccessible, and students are unable to see their grades until all tests are graded. With the stress and anxiety already underway, students share their favorite ways to cope with the big test.

“Studying is all you can do, at least from my perspective,” senior Megan Maloney said. “The more you study, the more confident you feel in your test which brings the stress level down. The only problem with that is time management, but even an hour could benefit you. Studying always makes me feel more prepared.”

Most students are employed or involved in sports or clubs and sometimes all of these activities. With this type of schedule, it is almost impossible to find the time to study.  

“It might even be a good idea to request work off for a few days in the month,” senior Robert Wentz said. “Just so you can have those days to review everything from the year. I think it would definitely make a difference and I think most people’s managers would understand.”

During this time of year, it can be hard to focus. Finals are during the holiday season, so there is a lot going on and a lot to worry about during the short month.

“Eliminating distractions is necessary for students to do well on their finals,” financial literacy teacher Mr. Anthony Vechiola said. “You will have better concentration this way. Put away your phone, review all of your notes and materials, and focus on what is most important during this time.”

Not many students are enlightened by the idea of finals, but these tests can benefit students as they may refresh their memory of everything they have been taught throughout the semester and practice study skills necessary for college.