The Vipers’ Field House is Finally Here


Principal Kristen Tiffany cuts the ribbon at the Field House opening on Wednesday January 10, 2018 to celebrate the inauguration of this everlasting structure. Students and faculty look forward to the benefits that come from this new training facility, such as spacious locker rooms and extra classrooms. Photo credit to Kayla Wilson.

Kayla Wilson, VHS Writer

Many faculty and students came out to support the opening of the long-awaited Verrado Vipers Field House Wednesday January 10, 2018 at 8 a.m. The event included performances by the school’s band and cheer team with speeches from District Superintendent Dennis Runyan and Principal Kristen Tiffany. A ribbon was cut to symbolize its opening, followed by tours of the grounds.

The Field House contains two classrooms for training and health classes along with two locker rooms that give the sports teams more space. This additional space provides athletes with more room than the other locker rooms that lacked the space to fit their equipment. The new training facility even includes coaching offices with changing rooms that allow them to supervise the locker rooms.

“I’m excited for our athletes to get in and use the locker rooms,” said Principal Kristen Tiffany. “They’re really awesome because they have enough room to hold all of their stuff, and the students have had some bulky things that haven’t been able to fit in those other locker rooms. But I’m mostly excited about those classroom spaces to get sports medicine out here now next year and to give PE a home because they don’t have a specific classroom. So it will be nice for them to have a space as well.”

The teachers of these curriculums look forward to using the building to further the students’ education with a new and improved environment. It also gives sports medicine and P.E. specific classroom spaces, so that they can improve their curriculums.

“I’m really excited next year to bring the sports medicine classroom next to the athletic training room,” said sports medicine teacher Nicole Sweer. “We use it a lot in practical applications and the fact that it’s right next door makes teaching a little bit easier.”

Athletes are excited for the opportunity to use the new training facility because of the space and proximity it provides. They also hope that students treat the Field House with respect so that it remains in good shape.

“I think the event went really well,” student and volleyball player Mya Luisser said. “It got me really excited because the new building is super nice and it’s way closer to the fields. I’m really happy that the locker rooms are bigger because it’s hard to fit all of your stuff in the ones in the gym. I just hope the students take good care of it, so it lasts long and stays nice for next semester.”

The Field House will stand as an everlasting witness to the glorious moment of Verrado’s athletic feats. Maintaining this facility is critical to preserve this for future generations of Vipers.