Verrado’s Self-Appointed Door Holder


Junior Dylan Katz poses for a picture. Katz appointed himself as Verrado’s door holder and has made it his job to hold the door for students entering and exiting the school, most notably for everyone leaving the Verrado Fashion Show. Photo credit to Krysyan Edler.

Krysyan Edler, Editor-in-Chief

Junior Dylan Katz held the door open for hundreds of Vipers

Holding the door open may seem like no big deal, but that simple service transforms when it is held open for a huge crowd. After the VHS Fashion Show on January 12, junior Dylan Katz held the door open for hundreds of Vipers as they filed out of the school.

“Nearly every adult and student who passes through the doorway thanks Dylan and acknowledges his kindness,” Verrado parent and Fashion Show attendee Mrs. Shelly Hornback said. “This is a good example of a positive school community where students and adults care about each other. Holding the door for others is a great way for Dylan to model kindness and relate to others in a way that is comfortable for him. I’m proud of him for creating a leadership role that makes him feel good about himself and helps brighten everyone’s day.”

Getting noticed in a big school can be difficult. Fitting in can be even harder.

“I had hard times initiating conversations with people, so I look for other ways of doing it: holding the door,” Katz said. “Initially I held the door for one person so I could talk to them but there were too many people coming through and I couldn’t just stop. I just really wanted to remember that night because it was the first time I had gone to a school event of mine own will and not dragged by my parents.”

Small and simple acts can change someone’s day. Katz’s seemingly simple yet compassionate act of holding open the door does not go unnoticed as he was gifted with a flower on Valentine’s Day.

“I didn’t think so at first, but a few people have asked why I do it,” Katz said. “Just today I was given this [flower]. Just simple things like holding open the door. We don’t have to love thy neighbor. We just have to tolerate them. That’s at least the bare minimum. I try to hold it for everyone, but I try to not be late to class as well.”

His kindness is not a surprise to those that know the aspiring chef that also dreams of traveling to countries like Ireland to learn about his heritage. His kind acts extend past holding up the door.

“I know Dylan from our environmental science class we had together last year,” senior Hannah Shelton said. “He would always hand out the papers to everyone as we walked in and sometimes gave out pencils. I thought it was so nice and i would always make sure to thank him and he responded so kindly. I would describe Dylan as helpful, selfless, and quiet but full of kindness! I didn’t know that he held the door for everyone as they left, probably because I stayed in the back cleaning up for so long, but that warms my heart so much! It’s crazy how helpful he is for everyone. He is a great role model.”

Kindness like that exhibited by Katz can be hard to find. That helping hand demonstrates what the phrase “One World, One Verrado” means.

One Verrado is all about accepting people for who they are,” Hornback said. “Dylan gives respect and gets respect. Holding the door for everyone strengthens Verrado’s warm culture of generosity of connection. We have two thousand Vipers going in every direction every day. Dylan’s kindness is a reminder to slow down and connect with the people around us. He is teaching us that it’s the little things in life that are actually the big things.”

Next time you see Katz in the hall be sure to thank him. Verrado is fortunate to have its self-appointed door holder.

“Dylan is polite and considerate of others and his job as a self-appointed door holder seems to be a perfect fit,” English teacher Mrs. Andrea Goff said. “Greeting his classmates as they arrive at school is beneficial for not only Dylan, but all of Verrado Nation. His charismatic personality can be just the positive vibe everyone can enjoy and continue to spread throughout the day. Dylan is an elite example of Viper Pride.  Everyone needs a Dylan and, this school and community are extremely fortunate to have him as one of our own.”