Daschund into Verrado’s Second Annual Dog Show


Verrado students and community members participated in the second annual Dog Show. The National Honor Society hosted the event on February 24. Photo credit to Krysyan Edler.

Krysyan Edler, Editor-in-Chief

The NHS hosted Dog Show is back

Students were able to bring their furry best friend to school for the National Honor Society’s annual dog show on Saturday, February 24. Half of the proceeds were donated to the America Free Paws Dog Shelter, and the shelter had dogs at the event available for adoption.

“It started last year and I worked really hard with my adviser Mrs. Owens; and we really wanted to find a way to get the community involved in the dealings of our school,” senior and NHS president Naomi Kharrl said. “We really wanted to unite Verrado and really ignite people’s idea of service. I love dogs, and I feel like everyone loves dogs – that’s probably not a true statement – but dogs are something I am really passionate about. I just felt like it was a really good thing to go with. Last year was our first year, and it was really successful; but I want to make it even more successful this year.”

The five dollar registration fee included access to the dog games, such as the obstacle race and frisbee toss, along with two extra tickets for food and more games; additional tickets were also available for purchase. Any dog on a leash could have been entered, and all dogs were welcomed.

“NHS is all about service, and it’s looking for ways to improve the people around you,” Kharrl said. “So for NHS I feel like this opportunity is important kind of how I said for the whole student body to show how service is what we make of it and it’s not something. Service is more meaningful than how people perceive it to be and not something to just sign a paper on or to check off or to do it just for the sake of doing it but to make an actual change in the world, so I think with the dog show being the main focus of our club, it really reminds each member that we have the ability to really change the world for the better.”

The event was open to the entire community including those without a furry four-legged friend. There were plenty of activities for those without dogs. Games, Jamba Juice, and that good feeling from supporting a good cause were available for all to enjoy.

“Honestly it’s going to be really funny – not funny in a bad way – but dogs are funny,” Kharrl said. “They have really funny personalities. If you don’t have a dog, you can buy tickets and just participate in that way. You can pick a dog that you are really rooting for like in horse races and cheer your heart out.”

Although last year’s dog show was not as successful as initially planned, this year surpassed all expectations. This could also be the year that students are finally able to convince their family to get a furry friend after falling in love with the pets that will be available for adoption there.

“Last year’s dog show was a bit of a failure due to planning,” senior and NHS member William Kent said. “We planned a lot, but didn’t go through with much of it. I’m looking forward most towards seeing all of the dogs there and hopefully a lot of people. People should come because it could be a great way to convince one’s family to get a dog as well as spend a few hours doing nothing but relieving stress by being around a bunch of dogs as well as hanging out with friends. There is a ton of stuff planned this year so a couple of hours there should pass by pretty fast.”

The dog show was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. It is the one place to spend time with man’s best friend while supporting an organization that saves man’s best friend. There were many reasons why this event was so fun, and important.

“First reason: cute dogs make the world go round,” Kharrl said. “There will be many cute dogs there-my dogs will be there and I think their the cutest- and that’s actually not the most important reason. The second is to support American Free Paws dog shelter. It’s a nonprofit and it works really hard to find animals in the area that are either strays or that were abandoned. They make such a difference in our local communities and so we as a club really look forward to supporting them and making things easier for them to support these dogs.”

Kharrl believes that the dog show was one of those events that people will were sad to miss. It is an event that truly demonstrated that service can indeed be fun.

“The third reason is that it really is going to be such an enjoyable experience. It’s going to be one of those events that people look back on. There’s no way to go to the dog show and wish you hadn’t. There’s such a good feeling about donating to a good cause and serving for a good cause that I think is unparalleled and I think – no, I know – that the dog show will provide that for people. It’s going to really change people’s minds about service.”

Many Vipers came out to support the National Honor Society and America Free Paws Dog Shelter. Smiles, laughter, and a good time were guaranteed.

“Everyone should come to the dog show because everyone loves dogs,” NHS treasurer Tom Kauffman said. “Even if you do not have a dog there are opportunities to adopt new dogs or just pet dogs. As you can tell, there are a lot of dog related activities, but there will be a lot of activities that people can also do! We will have a cakewalk, face painting, and many other activities that everyone will be able to enjoy!”