Madison Lestinsky-a Hurdler with Hopes and Goals to Achieve


Madison Lestinsky has many goals and aspirations for the future, especially in her track career. She plans on achieving these goals by focusing and working hard this season. Photo credit to Kayla Wilson.

Kayla Wilson

A track star since the seventh grade, junior Madison Lestinsky has many hopes and dreams for not only this school season, but for the far future as well. Lestinsky has participated on the school team every year for the last four years, running the 100 and 300 meter hurdle events, in hopes of going to college with a scholarship in hand.

By running track since the seventh grade, Lestinsky has had to adjust to the numerous hours required to reach success in the competitive sport. Learning to balance track with other aspects of her life has been a challenge, but worth it in the end as it has led to mastering other life skills as well.

“I’ve learned to be more a lot more responsible, especially with time management,” junior Madison Lestinsky said. “Doing a sport like track requires a lot of time commitment and it doesn’t leave you with a lot of time to do other things. It’s definitely challenging but you have to focus on your school work and get things done and stay focused. It’s a lot of dedication and hard work and there’s some days where I don’t necessarily want to go but I know that in the end it will all be worth it when I get to the track meet, or get first place, and I achieve my goals. It’s just the best feeling ever. It’s taught me determination, and perseverance, and to stay strong and push through it.”

But as Lestinsky has worked to overcome the adversities that come with participating in track, she has always focused on reaching her goals. This season she plans on dedicating time to extra practice and giving it her all in order to succeed and get college scouts looking at her.

“I have a lot of goals for this season,” Lestinsky said. “I want to PR by beating my personal record in one of the first meets. I don’t want to mess around this season; I want to stay focused. This season I really want to get scouts looking at me for colleges because my ultimate goal is to get a college scholarship so this is the year that I need to focus and give my all. But my main goal is to go to state and do well there, which I plan on achieving by working hard every practice and continuing to work hard on weekends.”

Others have noticed her determination and willpower in achieving her goals during the track season. She inspires others to make and achieve their goals through her perseverance and dedication to the sport.

“I really look up to my sister because it takes a lot of time commitment and strength to do a sport like track,” freshman sister Zoe Lestinsky said. “I admire her determination and I think track gives her a sense of purpose. She works really hard to achieve her goals and it inspires me to try to achieve my goals too.”

Her coaches also recognize the effort that she puts into completing her events and giving it her all at practices. They credit her great sportsmanship and important role on the team.

“Madison has a lot of potential and perseverance for sure,” track coach Jasmine Easley said. “She works really hard at practice and is very motivated in all that she does. She’s a great teammate to the others on the team and continues to show improvement everyday. Others look up to her and her strength as a hurdler.”

Leskinsky recommends the sport to others as it not only teaches life skills, it also has given her a sense of purpose and has allowed her to build lasting relationships with her teammates.

“Do track,” Lestinsky said. “Track is one of the best things ever for me. It teaches you a lot of important life skills that can be helpful in other focuses in life. You get to become part of a family, like the track family- or for me the hurdler family- and it’s just a really good experience. You meet new people and you make connections that I feel like I will have for the rest of my life. Your teammates cheer you on and encourage you and it just helps you feel important and gives you hope. Track bring you and the people around you together, all with one purpose.”