Finding the Perfect Dress


Prom dresses fill the entire back wall of the top floor of Dillard’s. There were thousands of dresses to choose from. Photo credit to Sheri Edler.

Krysyan Edler, Editor-in-Chief

The Time-consuming Search for a Prom Dress

One of the biggest nights of high school is this weekend: prom. Weeks were spent preparing for the big night. Young women embarked on the search for the perfect prom dress, but what is the perfect dress?

“Finding the right dress is important because prom is a once-in-a-lifetime event,” senior Dilpreet Kaur said. “It’s not something you get to experience again, so you want to make sure you look good for all those pictures you will look back on!”

With various styles it can be hard to figure out where to start looking. Then there is the decision of long or short. The traditional route would be a longer dress, but fashion is always evolving

“I personally believe the dress, or for prom anyway, should be longer,” Kaur said. “I mean anyone is allowed to wear anything they like, but I personally like the traditional feel of a long prom dress.”

Color is also a major element of the right dress. Consumers have to love the color of the dress before swiping their credit card.

“I was leaning more towards a navy blue or a red, and when I saw the red one it really stuck out to me,” senior Kaylah Henderson said. “I really liked the way it fit, and when I first looked at it, it just had my eye for the rest of the day. When I would go to other stores to look at other dresses, I kept thinking about that one.”

Dresses can be found at major department stores and online. Thrift stores are also an option for Vipers that want to add their personal touch to their dress. If the right dress cannot be found within the budget, dresses can be borrowed from friends.

“Finding the right prom dress is really important because it is like a high schoolers event of the year, their ball,” VHS Fashion Club president, senior Hannah Shelton said. “I looked for my dress at local vintage boutiques downtown and successfully found two! I did have to alter my dress, but luckily I’m skilled in sewing; so I did it on my own.”

There are some tips to keep in mind when dress hunting. Be sure to start looking. Some start looking in February and some even earlier.

“Make sure you like it [the dress],” Henderson said. “Prom is a day about you, and you really want to make sure that you are getting things that you love. Go [shopping] early because that’s when they have all of the good ones.”

With prom as a day to celebrate, Vipers should embrace their uniqueness. Their dress should reflect their personalities.

“I knew it was the right dress because there was nothing I didn’t like about it, and I could picture myself in it for prom pictures,” Shelton said. “Tips I would recommend are to try something bold and different! It’s always best to stand out.”

The night will be one to remember. The right dress will set the tone for festivities, but it all begins with trying on that dress for the first time. Everything else seems to fall into place after that.

“I’ve heard about how girls will try on hundreds of dresses, and there is one dress that just feels ‘right,’” Kaur said. “As cheesy as it sounds I felt that when I ordered it and tried it in for the first time. It was crazy until I experienced it.”