Time to Level Up, Vipers!


A student made poster advertises the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Tournament. The tournament was planned by the National Honor Society as a fundraiser. The poster was made by NHS President Naomi Kharrl and Krysyan Edler.

Krysyan Edler, Editor-in-Chief

Verrado’s Super Smash Bros. Tournament

A friendly competition will take place April 25 to determine which Viper is the Super Smash Bros. champion. Students will compete against each other in the Innovation Lounge from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

Registration will begin at 3:30 p.m. the day of the event. Students must pay a $5 registration fee to participate. Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase during the event for a $1 each.

“We will be playing Super Smash Bros. 4 on the Wii U for the tournament, and the tournament games will be projected on all the screens in the Innovation Lounge,” NHS sponsor and English teacher Ms. Barnes said. “We will also have a few other systems and TVs there so people can play while they wait or after they’re out. Participants are encouraged to bring their own controller if they like, or we will have some house controllers for use.”

This NHS sponsored event puts the fun in fundraiser. Students will enjoy playing one of the most popular video games will aiding Verrado’s National Honor Society.

“Students should participate because it’s honestly, really fun, and I’m biased because I used to play with my siblings,” National Honor Society president and senior Naomi Kharrl said. “But it’s a way to come and hang out with your friends, get involved in the school, and just show people your skills. It’s a fun thing to do instead of sitting at home. This fundraiser is unlike other ones because fundraisers are usually sports related. This fundraiser allows people of all kinds to just come and be on an equal playing level and enjoy each other’s company.”

The victory will come with serious bragging rights. Not only will the victor be crowned the VHS champion, they will receive a prize.

“The prizes are an amino, a GameStop gift card and a Smash Bros. themed lanyard,” National Honor Society treasurer and junior Tom Kauffman said. “People should come because smash bros is a fun game that is meant for everyone, no matter how many video games you play. There could be some really crazy moments and even if you have never played before it is still a very easy game to understand.”

All students are welcome. Experience is not necessary to have a good time.

“We can do a 64-128 man bracket,” Kauffman said. “To be honest, more can participate if we needed to, and we could make a bigger bracket. Students can come to watch and play on side televisions but they still have to pay the 5 dollar entry fee. Students will be randomly put into a bracket, and then we will go through the rounds and have a two stock double elimination tournament. After they lose their first match, they will be put into the losers bracket where they will eventually be able to get back into the main bracket.”

The tournament will not be an event Vipers will want to miss. The fundraiser could become a new tradition. Students can bond through some healthy competition.

“People should be excited because this is the first and only smash tournament of this year,” Kauffman said. “And if the turnout is good, next year I will make sure that we do more of them! I’m excited because it is a great opportunity for people to have some light-hearted fun playing a video game that we all know and love.”