Population Continues to Rise at Verrado High School


Erika Wong

Student foot traffic in Verrado High School’s halls at the end of a school day.

Erika Wong, Staff Writer

With a current student population level of 1,926, Verrado High School pushes its 1,600 maximum occupancy limit as certified by LEED, an environmental program. The overcrowding is due to the affordable housing and the ongoing housing developments in the Agua Fria District boundaries–especially in Buckeye, AZ, according to Realtor.com.

“It’s highly inconvenient getting from class to class with how little time we are given,” VHS Senior Annika Cota said. “Class selection is also very competitive as there is only so many seats so sometimes I’m forced with being in a class I don’t want.”

Verrado was built in 2006 with $36 million of funding and an area of 220,000 square feet. The building has five main hallways for classrooms, and three-walled classrooms with no doors which can lead to “human traffic jams” according to Senior Cheyenne Leonberger.

“All the people in the halls delay me from getting to class on time,” Senior Colleen O’Kane added here. “It is super annoying that in my AP Gov class there’s not enough chairs to sit in!”

The average student-to-teacher ratio is 23:1 and is “constantly rising”, according to Carol Neuman, the Registrar for Verrado High School’s Counseling and Career Center.

“All the (Agua Fria district) schools were at full capacity,” Neuman said.

This was a direct cause for the construction of Agua Fria Union School District’s fifth school, Canyon View High School,  built to remedy the current overcrowding issue, as it can hold 1,800 students. The plan is predicted to remedy the current student population in the next few years by taking the incoming freshmen from 2018 and on to lessen the flow of incoming students from Verrado’s and Desert Edge’s boundaries. This district strategic plan is posted on the Canyon View High School webpage.

Erika Wong
Student foot traffic in Verrado High School’s halls at the end of a school day.