Paranormal Activity

Students Share Stories of Hauntings They Believe They’ve Seen

Anya Scehdin, Staff Writer

Over the years alleged paranormal experiences and activity have grown in media popularity, including movies such as  Ghostbusters  and  web series like Buzzfeed Unsolved. Ghosts and paranormal experiences are everywhere. With Halloween season approaching scary movies start to pop up, but paranormal stories aren’t just popular on the screen, or around the campfire. A number of Verrado students have their own personal ghost stories to share.

Allyse Sloniger, a freshman, said she has a friend with her own haunted house. “I have a friend’s story–her name is Olivia. This summer Olivia’s aunt moved into a really old house. Olivia spent a month with her aunt. One day they were upstairs watching a show when they almost fell asleep and the door slammed it scared them and Olivia’s cousins came in the room saying someone was tapping at the window and they had heard the door slam. So,  they all slept and eventually went back to watching their show. Then they went to go get food from downstairs they opened the fridge as soon as the fridge opened the TV turned on and started playing a concert song. “

Freshman Amia Johnson, meanwhile, said that she can “see dead people.”  

“A lot of the time I wake up in the middle of the night [and] I hear someone talking to me but I don’t think about it until the morning when I’m 100% awake,” Johnson said. “Or other small stuff–like in windows I see someone walk behind me but when I turn around no one’s behind me.”

Grace Sanchez, a 9th grader, is one of many people who claim to have a presence in their home.  “I swear there is a ghost in my house . Often me and my sister will hear our names being called and no one is there. One time my sister hear me playing the piano and I wasn’t even in the house. Another time we were sitting in the car and someone was knocking on my sisters door and no one was there. My mom said she use to see people in our house. And things fall in my kitchen for no reason, so that’s fun and fresh.”

Freshamn Amanda Berrelez had a haunted toothbrush, credit to the apparent dead girl still living in her home. “ I researched about my house a couple years ago and apparently a girl about 6 years old died on my property from cancer, throat cancer. So my house is haunted. Eventually I forgot about it and moved on until a couple weeks later. Around 3 am i heard a sound, a familiar sound, it was my electric toothbrush. It was going off and on. It was completely synced, meaning it would stop for 30 seconds then start again for about 3 mins. Immediately my mind thought about the little girl. Was this her way of telling me shes here and the toothbrush represents how she died? I was paralyzed. After about five mins of non-stop sounds i got up to investigate. Just walking to my dark bathroom gave me chills. I turned on the light to find the toothbrush out of the place I left it. It was standing straight up in the middle of the sink, this scared me so much. I brushed it off because I was not going to let a one night incident scare me. The next night around the same time the same thing happened again. I get up and the toothbrush is in a different location, it was in the shower! That really triggered and scared me. My mind was thinking that the little girl was messing with me and purposely doing this! I decided to get rid of the toothbrush because it creeped me out so much! This is a real story I have snaps to prove it. Now I only use non-electric toothbrushes.”

Art by Jaden Koruba