Tailgaters Review


Noah Weber

Tailgater Sports Bar and Grill’s Dysart location.

Noah Weber, Staff Writer

Tailgaters is a local chain sports grill chain with a location on Dysart. The menu offers a diverse amount of choice to select from-yet the burgers, however were what I was seeking.

First things first–the price is reasonable. The overall damage for the meal wasn’t terrible at all. It was about 13 dollars for the burger, fries and a Coke. The portions were fairly generous for the price: the burger was decently sized with two pieces of bacon on top, and a basket full of fries. As is the case in most restaurants, refills on the drink were free, and overall it is a pretty affordable place to grab a burger.

The service is key to enjoyment of a restaurant. As me and my two friends walked in we saw a self seating sign. We found an empty booth and were greeted almost immediately. The server wasn’t too friendly, but she was attentive and came when needed. We placed our drink order first, but took some time to peruse the menus. We had a tough time choosing as there was a lot on the menu. When she did come back and dropped off our drinks: my friends ordered fried shrimp and chicken respectively. I myself ordered a bacon cheeseburger plain with American cheese. She took our menus and went to ring up the order. The food did take quite a long time to come to the table, but we passed time watching the football game -which was easy to do as almost the entire restaurant was covered in tv sets. She eventually came back and dropped off the food and grabbed us refills, then later came with or bills. Overall the service and attentiveness was mediocre due to the time is took to actually be served and receive our meals.

Last but certainly not least is the quality of the food. The burgers buns were nicely cooked and not crispy which is very important to the makeup of a burger. The cheese melted nicely across the meat and added to the flavor. The two pieces of bacon were slightly crispier than I’d have like, but it didn’t really detract from the flavor. The beef itself was delicious and tasted as if it had been freshly grilled. It wasn’t the best burger I’ve had but it was pretty good. The fries were plentiful and tasted decent. It was an overall average meal.

Tailgaters is at least worth a shot. The price isn’t prohibitivly expensive, and the food isn’t bad, the service is one thing that could probably be improved upon, but then again it could have just been an off night. I would rate Tailgaters an overall 6.5 out of 10. It’s a good place to lounge, and watch a game for a while, and get an alright meal.