Students Prepare for Halloween-Themed Festivities

Anya Schedin, Staff Writer

Though Halloween is around the corner, many Verrado students say they aren’t participating in traditional trick-or-treating this year, but instead opting to try out something new. There’s something for everyone in the West Valley in October, from haunted houses to taking pets and canines trick-or-treating.

Many students said they plan to stay in for October 31st itself. For Halloween 2018 I just mainly plan to stay home,” Viper Amanda Berrelez said. “I would love to watch some scary movies.” Some students this year are also  “having a halloween party,” according to VHS student Maudi North. ”Mostly–just hanging out with my friends”  

For the students who love the horror aspect of Halloween,  there’s many options including the famous Fear Farm,  13 Floors, Scarizona and Crypt Haunted Attractions.  These parks have similar themes of walking around with the performers in the park, with various attractions inside–such as haunted houses and mazes.

“ I went to Fear farm and it was an adrenaline rush, I was honestly scared for my life,”  sophomore Angela Serrano said. “I knew they couldn’t do anything to me but still, it was super realistic. I had a lot of fun it was for sure a night to remember. It’s fun to go in a big group, I would for sure go again. You’re scared because you don’t know what’s coming next. “

For more lighthearted activities there are many more options to choose from such as Arizona state fair, Buckeye 78th annual Halloween carnival, and Puff and Fluffs ‘Bootiful Night At the Chamber’ where your dog can dress up and go trick or treating.