Viper Success Launches Study Hall Component


A copy of VHS’s lessons and logistics for the Viper Success program, which now includes a structured study hall.

Maia Thompson, Staff Writer

After returning from Fall Break, Vipers learned that Tuesdays would include planned study time during Viper Success. This structured study hall involves students reviewing notes, working on assignments, asking questions, working quietly, and appropriately using their Chromebooks. Therefore, study hall will not be a time for students to leave the classroom, a time to talk with friends, or an opportunity to sleep, eat, or play game on their Chromebooks. As per usual during instructional time, phones are not allowed to be out, or in use.

Junior Karli Barret likes the change in Viper Success because she gets extra time to work on her homework. Barrett agrees with the shift because “it allows students more time to work on school work during school.” In addition, Barrett believes that study hall on Tuesday will be effective for herself and others because “it gives us more time to study, to plan ahead, and not worry as much about school work”.

Gretchen Hann, an assistant prinicipal at Verrado High School, said that “the intention of Viper Success has always been to give students what they need to be successful. After the first quarter, we spoke to several students and teachers and listened to what was working. Thus, we decided to provide students with a during-the-day opportunity to get ahead on work, catch up, study-et cetera.” Hann said that the new study hall feature has “always been an idea. We toyed with it over the past few years.  Several sessions of ELO last year were dedicated to just studying. After much discussion and research, we decided to try a structured study hall. We want to be sure the time is valuable and well used.”

Hann thinks that program will be effective for all students if they “use the time correctly. I think structured study hall will help keep students up to current with their homework and enable them to be better prepared for assessments.”

Senior Abigail Nucci likes the new program because “as a senior, it gives me more time to apply to college and have a quiet environment to focus on college things.” Nucci agrees with the alteration because at the beginning of the school year “I thought that Viper Success was going to be study time but now, it meets my expectations and it’s nice not having a teacher breathing down my neck.” Nucci believes that study hall on Tuesdays will “most definitely” be effective because it gives her more time for what she needs to do.

Becky Breitwieser, a teacher at Verrado, really likes the shift because, “I think having the structured study hall is a really good idea, and it is really helpful for my class.” Breitwieser views study hall as a positive thing for her AP Human Geography students since they “have extra time to work on projects, and it eliminates time for work outside of school,” Breitwieser said. “My students use the time respectfully.”