Halloween (2018) Review



Poster for the 2018 film Halloween, courtesy of Deadcentral.

Brynna Benjamin, Staff

The 2018 horror movie Halloween directed by David Gordon Green and written by Green, Jeff Fradley and Danny McBride is an entertaining and exciting thriller. The notorious serial killer Michael Myers (Nick Castle) escapes and is back on the streets hunting for more victims. This film has terrific acting, perfect picture quality and a captivating plot that keeps the audience watching.

Not only has Michael Myers returned but so has Laurie Strode–portrayed wonderfully by Jamie Lee Curtis–and she is prepared for him.

This movie takes place 40 years after the last attack. Society mostly sees Strode as a traumatized paranoid extremist, nobody listened to her warnings before but now that Myers is released everything changes. This well-written story line is enthralling, an interesting aspect that could have been added is getting further into the mind of Michael Myers. What makes him tick?

The actors in Halloween are well casted and perfect for their role, they appear is if they are traumatized and fearful for their lives. Nick Castle’s character makes the audience think about what is inside the mind of a deranged serial killer.

The dark, gloomy pictures in this film give the audience a suspenseful cold feeling and the anticipation that something significant is coming up. It constantly switches from viewing Michael Myers, to the family and friends of Laurie Strode, and the fast paced creepy music composed by John Carpenter gives the audience a bit of adrenaline rush. Viewers are left waiting in anticipation for the next kill.

Overall, a project deserving of acclaim, and worth seeing.