Verrado’s Picassos

Students Pursue Art Through VHS Classes


Kameryn Walker

A pencil illustration of a deer drawn by VHS student Amanda Heimbuck.

Kameryn Walker, Staff Writer

The Verrado High School Art Department has grown extensively over the past ten years, introducing higher level art courses and recently transitioning to new teachers.

Students at VHS are required to take a fine art of some sort in their high school career, and the Art Department’s classes are one option for that credit. The classes consist of Fundamentals of Art, Drawing and Painting I, Drawing and Painting II, Ceramics I, Ceramics II, and AP Art Studio. The classes are split between two teachers, formerly Debbie Engbring and Travis Waldron, and currently Brigette DeMarco and Spencer Brown.

Fundamentals of Art is a prerequisite for all other art classes, but after taking that course the students are welcome to branch out to whichever area of art they choose.

VHS student Amanda Heimbuck is currently taking Fundamentals of Art taught by Brigitte DeMarco. Heimbuck started taking the course at the beginning of her senior year, and said that she has learned a lot in the class thus far. She said that scale drawings are her favorite kind of art she has done to date. To do this, she “takes a photo, measures it, and scales it up to make it bigger”.

She has enjoyed this class so much that she said she would definitely recommend it to her friends who are looking for their next electives.

Heimbuck recently finished a pencil drawing of a deer that took her a couple of weeks to finish. She said that when working on this piece, they were focusing on value which is the lightness or darkness of a color, which is shown extensively in her piece.

Heimbach’s classmates Cheyenne Deporter (junior) and Katelynn Brock (senior) are also taking Fundamentals of Art. Deporter is currently working on a skull clay project in the class which is a “cool opportunity because other fundamentals classes did not get to do it”. While she is enjoying this project, her favorite thing has been the acrylic paintings of eyes that they did earlier in the year. Deporter said she is always recommending this class to her friends.

Brock said she has “been trying to get in since freshman year, but she was always told it was full”. Now that she’s in the class, Brock said she also enjoyed the acrylic paintings that they finished. Hers is even posted on the outside wall of the classroom.