A Brief How-To: Easy Student Meals

An easy, in-progress turkey-and-spinach wrap.

Lauren Thibodeaux, Staff Writer

According to VHS students, it’s not uncommon that students skip breakfast or even lunch because they just don’t have time. However, there are quick meal fixes that only require a little bit of time the night before to prepare-things that many students could easily make on their own. A number of easy meals can prove easy for students to make in the mornings, especially on late start days. As busy as students are they need a options for healthy and enjoyable foods.

Trisha Welch,Verrado’s Food Service Director, said the students should include a multitude of things in their lunches. “As a society fresh fruits and vegetables are something we don’t get enough of.” Welch said. “Because other foods are more convenient.” Students looking to supplement their lunches can include tiny fruit or vegetable snack packs you get from target or other grocery stores, and can accompany them with these quick recipes, courtesy of RealFoodByDad, LMLD and Tablespoon.com:

Chicken Parm Meatballs

Turkey Bacon & Ranch Wrap

Mac & Cheese Cups

According to Jennah Alverado, a VHS student, as far as breakfast goes, most students have little to no time. Some quick breakfast fixes she helped recommend could help. These are great for planning ahead or even for late start mornings.  “I typically don’t eat breakfast,” Alverado sad,  “Just because I run out of time in the morning.”

When she does manage to make a meal, however Alvarado said that she looks for simple and tasty foods

The breakfast foods below–from KidSpot, HomeCooking Memories and TasteOfHome–are a great option for breakfast if they interest you because they are quick and easy to make that follow Welch and Alvarado’s guidelines. Making both wraps takes, at most, 10 minutes.

Nutella and Banana Sushi

Breakfast Roll ups

Ham and Egg Bread