The Lion King: A Movie Worth Watching?

Disney’s Newest Movie is a rendition of a classic and it’s quite disappointing..

Janet Amaya, Staff Writer

Disney has released its newest movie in theaters Summer 2019, the movie that has been released is Disney’s “The Lion King”. It is a live action of the original favorite, and as live actions of Disney classics have become favorites, this was not the case for this film, whatsoever. Disney is known for having a “magical” touch in the work that they put on screen and part of that is creating animations that put the magic in their movies. Past films like “Finding Nemo” and “Oliver and company” have animals as the main characters and through that animation it naturally attracts more children’s attention to the film due to the fact that these characters look like cute and lovable characters. That was the problem with this film, it did not create a magical on screen experience, the realism of this film lacked the same amount of excitement of the original. The film is also what is expected, in other words, it itself is not original. If Disney is going to remake a movie, they could have at least added a new version of the film. It seemed as though Disney lacked creativity in this film, for example, in the remake for “Cinderella”, the film kept the same concept and plot, but twisted it. Furthermore, in the live action “Cinderella”, it differs drastically from the original because it makes the audience have more sympathy for Ella as her life with her real mother is shown. In “The Lion King” live action scenes such as when Mufasa dies, it is less emotional and nothing was twisted, it was just less emotional because he died but the character’s face, Simba couldn’t be fully altered to show complete emotion as it looks like a real animal. Overall, unless you want to see a creepy, boring version of “The Lion King”, there is no need to go and watch this movie in theaters.

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