Inspire patriotism with the incredible movie, American Sniper!

Alan Fitzpatrick, Staff Writer

“American Sniper”, directed and starred by Clint Eastwood, is an outstanding movie with an amazing plot that derives from a true story. This movie was released shortly after the tragedy of Chris Kyle, the American hero. The movie portrays his life story through an amazing film that was put together wonderfully. Directed by Clint Eastwood, this movie explores the main character’s life in great detail and provides substantial information about war with complete assurance. The audience is left in suspense multiple times as the story captures the horrible acts of war.

“American Sniper” is based on a true story of a man who chooses to serve his country with courage and becomes an ultimate hero. This movie was adapted from an autobiography by Chris Kyle himself and later turned into a movie. 

The movie begins with Kyle as a young man, hoping to eventually be a rodeo star. This hope fades when Kyle decides to apply to join the Special Forces. During his training, he meets his future wife Taya (Sienna Miller) at a bar. The war in Iraq at the time puts Kyle into the field as a sharpshooter where he becomes extremely deadly and accurate. Throughout the war, Kyle ends up having 160 confirmed kills, making him the deadliest sniper in U.S. Navy history. However, the war completely changes Kyle as he witnesses and takes part in many horrible experiences. Chris Kyle served four tours in Iraq and during this time was forced to kill many men, women and even children. Despite being a terrific soldier, Kyle is more than just this: he truly believes in what he’s doing and is also a father and husband. However, the intensity and horror of war begin to hinder his relationship with his family back at home. Kyle is loved by his wife despite his role in the war and all the things that he has come across and seen. After serving a respectable amount of time, Kyle is honorably discharged and free to go home to his family. This is when the hard times begin and often Kyle becomes frightened by everyday occurrences. Eventually, he begins to mend and slowly his family gains back their dad and husband they have missed for so long. Unfortunately Kyle is gunned down one day when trying to help a struggling ex-military member who struggled from the post-war life.

Eastwoods film was a classic American War story that defied expectations and was an accurate film of the violence and aftermath of war. Many other of Eastwoods works show similarities with this film and this movie proves his outstanding ability to incorporate great themes into his works. “American Sniper” is one of the most accurate portrayals of the aftermath of war and the impact it has on society. With Bradley Cooper (Chris Kyle) doing some of his greatest acting, the character of Kyle is flawlessly represented. He does not show any doubt when it seems that all hope is lost and fights through the inner turmoil in his mind that comes along with war. Overall, this movie is a breathtaking movie that is definitely worth your time watching. All parts of the movie are directed with distinctive brilliance it definitely invokes a deep surge of American patriotism in the viewer’s heart. “American Sniper” is one of the most effective war pictures of post-American-Century cinema.

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