Rapper NF Releases Shocking New Album

Rapper NF Releases Shocking New Album

Abigail Lowrey, Staff Writer

The Search is a rap genre album by NF which focuses on the trials he has faced in the past. Nathan Feuerstein is known for writing songs such as ‘Let You Down’, ‘Time’, and ‘How Could You Leave Us.’ NF released the album The Search on July 26, 2019, having a history of dark songs this album was no different.

The first song was titled ‘The Search’ and was released before the rest of the album. Fans immediately started obsessing over this song which proved that the rumored Album 4 was coming. Soon after The Search was released, another song hit the media, ‘When I Grow Up.’ This song was a unique style that he had never used before, introducing ominous music in the background. As usual, these songs had a purpose or a story, this album focuses on his rejection of fame and how it has shaped him and his life. 

NF addresses his accomplishments and trials in his song ‘Nate’. In the song, he mentions the very prominent drug addiction his mother faced. He recalls the past albums and how much success they brought, only to counter them with phrases like, “It sounds awesome; at the same time, it doesn’t matter.” The pessimistic aspects of his songs are what have shaped his individual style of music from other influential rappers such as Eminem. His music is not for everyone as some songs can trigger past traumas, despite this, he lives by the saying ‘Realest’, meaning he has and will always keep it real. Songs like ‘Stress’, ‘Let Me Go’, and ‘Trauma’ are the ones that have clear evidence of his motto. 

In the past, songs such as ‘Therapy Session’ and ‘Mansion’ have been the ones to hint at his mental struggles but The Search album features the struggles with no shame, no hinting or masquerading. This album has given the fans new material that may satisfy them until his next release. Overall, this album has aspects that make it both unique from his past works as well as other rappers. This being album four and moving masses it’s impossible to tell how far NF may go with upcoming albums.