New Video Game Lets You Date KFC’s Colonel Sanders

Dennise Becerra-Quevedo, Staff Writer

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a very well known fast food place, with a basic but delicious menu and an eye catching logo displaying Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC. The restaurant itself has been almost unchanging for years, so people were surprised to hear that KFC would be part of a new videogame. The relation between the company and the game will not be limited to a simple promotion, but  the character of Sanders is confirmed to play as the side protagonist of this game. The game, as one would expect, is based around cooking challenges, however, that is more so the sidequests. The main theme of this game is unexpectedly a romance, where the audience plays as the main protagonist and has to complete cooking battles in order to win, not only the position of the best chef, but the heart of Sanders. There has only been a sneak peak at the new game, but people are thrilled to try it out, the top reason being the level of “meme worthiness” and absurdity of the game and it’s odd romantic view on such a known figure. The game is expected to be out on Sept. 24, 2019, and as far as its publicly known, will only be available through “Steam” an app specifically to play and/or purchase PC games.

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