The Jonas Brothers were “Burnin’ Up” in Phoenix

Maia Thompson

Maia Thompson

On October 5th, I had the privilege to see the Jonas Brothers in concert for the very first time and it was absolutely incredible. I had to keep reminding myself throughout the show that this was actually happening. The whole experience was so surreal. In fact, I keep rewatching the videos that I took to remember that amazing night.

Out of all of my concert experiences, this one was the best. In the past, I’ve been stuck sitting next to obnoxious people who would step on my feet or yell at me to sit down. I felt more included in this concert since there were so many people close to my age. I mean, there were even kids who were born the year that the Jonas Brothers split up.

The opening acts consisted of Jordan McGraw and Bebe Rexha. Not being a fan of these people, I actually enjoyed their performances. McGraw, who is the son of Dr. Phil, knew how to energize a crowd. Bebe Rexha also brought energy into the arena. I even learned that she wrote the popular song called “Monsters” by Rihanna and Eminem. Something that was interesting about Rexha’s performance was how she invited a fan from the audience on to the stage and let him dance with her. When Rexha’s performance ended, there was about a 20-minute break until the Jonas Brothers came on. 

When the lights went out, everyone in the arena started screaming because they knew that it was time for the Jonas Brothers to perform. For the grand entrance, there was a video montage of the brothers reflecting on their childhood. When the video ended, the brothers emerged from the top of the stage on top of a platform along with pyrotechnics shooting out at the sides. The opening song was “Rollercoaster” but it started out with Joe’s verse instead of Nick’s. After the song, the brothers stood on the stage for about five minutes and looking at the audience. People in the arena were screaming so loud that my ears were ringing. After all, this was a sold out show. 

Throughout the concert, the brothers played multiple songs from their older albums. Some of my favorite songs that were performed were “Lovebug”, “Burnin’ Up”, “Hesitate”, “Cake by the Ocean”, and “When You Look Me In The Eyes”. In “Love Bug”, there were fireworks during the bridge of the song. In “Burnin’ Up”. there was fire on the stage and I could actually feel how hot it was. In “Cake by the Ocean”, there was lots of confetti shot up in the air and Joe was able to make the crowd really energetic. In “When You Look Me In The Eyes”, Nick and Joe had amazing harmonies. I could definitely pick out who was singing high and low, which was great to hear for a music enthusiast like me. 

The last song of the night was “Sucker”, which was the brothers’ comeback song. What I liked about this performance was how every time the brothers said “I’m a sucker for you”, the audience would point at the brothers. This showed me how important the brothers are to their fans. Towards the end of the song, more confetti was released in to the arena.

Overall, I had the best concert experience. I would recommend to anyone that grew up listening or watching the Jonas Brothers to see them in concert. To add, I even looked at tickets for when they come back to Phoenix in December and I have never done that after a concert.