Relieving Stress for Students

Verrado High School’s staff explains the main causes of stress and how to help it.

Brynna Benjamin

Gwendolyn V. and Abby L. hard at work while in class.

E-wing counselor Stacy Hink said that there are multiple main stress causers for high school students academics, relationships and planning for the future are just a few. 

C- wing counselor Lauren Kocher said, “I think balancing classes, social lives and extracurriculars like sports is the hardest thing.” 

Verrado Juniors working on academics.

“Even for good reasons it is easy to fall behind [academically],” Hink said. 

Hink explains, that seniors are trying to figure out what to do next, they have had the same routine for 13 years and it can be straining for them to plan for their next year. 

Even school vacations can be stressful for some students, it breaks their routine and being at home with family is not always relaxing. 

Kocher and Hink both brought up that social media can cause a lot of stress when people strive to appear better than others. Anything can be posted online, it used to be if you said something stupid in the classroom it stayed there but now it can be recorded and posted, later on in life you can be “judged by past mistakes,” Hink said.

There are many ways to relieve stress, different methods work for different people. Exercise being a common one, “working out helps me with clearing my head,” Kocher said. 

“I have known students to box or run” many students even dive into the fine arts with sculpting, drawing, music or journaling. Journaling allows expression “without it getting out there,” Hink said. 

Kocher and Hink said, as a whole, the school can create groups on mindfulness and meditation. Viper Success is often used to show students how to manage their time and academics and things such as deep breathing should be taught in Advisory.