Eukranian flight PS752 shot down by missile strike in Iran

Alicia Jones, Staff Writer

Written by: Alicia Jones 

On January 10, 2020, a Eukranian jet plane was “accidentally” shot down in Iran. The effect of this tragedy ended up killing all 176 people on board of the plane. Reports showed that the missiles were “fired due to a human error” and President Hassani Rouhani said it was an “unforgivable mistake”. In the beginning of the accident, Iran denied all blame and fault for the missile shooting down flight PS752. Then after re evaluation, the accident happened only hours after Iran sent missile strikes on two airline bases that housed US forces in Iraq. The Iranian Military responded that it was sent out by mistake, and was a result of the plane flying near a “sensitive military” area. The military stated they were sorry for the accident and would fix their system to not be so touchy and assume that the planes going by are enemies.