Opinions on U.S. thoughts about Iran

Alicia Jones, Staff Writer

Written by: Alicia Jones

The U.S. Public has mixed feelings on Donald Trump stating and declaring certain issues towards Iran. Some people are severely for whatever the President decides, and would agree with his decisions, even if they are a little extreme. For others, usually members of the Political parties, Democratic and liberal, are not happy with the things said or done by the President. When the Iranian general Qassem Suleimani was killed by orders of Trump, people were afraid of the military conflict that was increasing with Iran. It was said that “Three quarters of Americans, including a majority of Republicans, say that war with Iran would be unwarranted”(EP). Meaning most of the public blames Trump for the tension with Iran and wishes that he has goals to fix and avoid a war.

Only one-fifth of people stated the U.S. is ready for war, however three-quarters does not agree. Most of the Public agrees that war should not be on the table to protect U.S. interests and our main goal should be finding a way to resolve the tension so that innocent American and Irianian lives are not taken.