Verrado Lunch Review

Abigail Behling, Staff Writer

At Verrado high school the kitchen staff prepares and serves lunch and breakfast for the students. First on the menu is a salad. It came with greens, cut up carrots, a ranch, croutons, and an entire quarter of a tomato. Whilst eating the salad the dried leaves that were assumably some type of spinach was dry. Despite a couple of dried leaves the rest of the salad seemed to be very filling. After completing the salad the cleanup was easy, by just throwing all of the packages and contents in the large plastic container that held them. Though the container made for a useful cleanup if also caused a struggle when trying to mix the ranch and other contents in the box. It was also difficult to open. The tomato that was included was also unedible and was an unnecessary factor within the salad. After trying the salad it is edible, though there are some inclusions that are not necessary and the packaging can be difficult overall it would land to an eight out of ten for school lunch. The second was a spicy chicken sandwich. It came in a foil-covered wrapper and inside was a sort of squished sandwich. When looking at the sandwich the bun seemed to be slightly deformed as well as the patty and when trying to take the two apart parts of the chicken came with the bun. When trying the sandwich it seemed a little dry. Though it did have a noticeable heat to it. After completing the sandwich the wrapper was throw away easily. Overall the sandwich was a six out of ten. It had a flavor that was not overwhelming but was dry and did not look appealing. Therefore when asked to pick between the two, the salad wins.

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