Will Mail-In Ballots Cause the USPS to Finally Privatize?

FedEx and UPS have been private for a while so the USPS may be forced to go that way in order to stay afloat.

Hayden Larkin, Staff Writer

Due to Covid-19, the likelihood of people going to the polls this fall is not possible. Because of this people are turning to mail-in ballots to allow them to vote this November; President Trump says that he wants to deny funding for the federally created United States Postal Service due to this fear that mail-in ballots may be used for voter fraud.

The President said on the subject “They want three and a half-billion dollars for something that’ll turn out to be fraudulent, that’s election money basically. They want three and a half-billion dollars for the mail-in votes.” 

All of this was started with seemingly baseless claims. Voter fraud is incredibly difficult to do and people who have used mail-in ballots have had little numbers of voter fraud considering the USPS was founded as an institution for public access to mailing and it’s competitors of FedEx and UPS have been private for a while so the USPS may be forced to go that way in order to stay afloat. This will cause many workers to lose federally mandated benefits and allow USPS to drastically increase pricing. Many postal workers unions have spoken out on the issue in order to maintain the status quo they have, as they are one the few jobs that are required to be given benefits and if the service goes under many more will be out of work. 

The loss of money will potentially increase the prices you pay for shipping your packages, but it also may force a more dangerous situation for voters and skew the popular vote. In the midst of a global pandemic people obviously should not be a shoulder to shoulder at voting booths. Citizens are essentially having their hands tied for the election coming up. All of this has come from seemingly out of the blue claims from President Trump and could hurt the republic as well as hurt many workers across the nation. And with many voters turning eighteen this election cycle this could cut a large voter block out, especially since Generation Z has been huge political advocates, especially over the past few years. This may have a nasty effect on voter turnout that should be much higher.