Why Fashion Club Might Be For You

Fashion club plans and intentions for this school year.


Isabella Chavez, Feature/Arts Editor

Despite a pandemic, creativity prevails at Verrado High for the Fashion club announces on the club rush page that they intend to continue to hold meetings this school year! Once again Mrs. Guerrero is sponsoring the club, although meetings are mostly student-run. I spoke to Catherine Nguyen, a senior who is the Media Manager for the club. She described the experiences in Fashion club as “powerful, interesting, and empowering to see so many students make their ideas come to life.” In addition to Catherine, the work she has done in Fashion club has helped her find “ something to be a part of”.

Of course with circumstances, the Fashion club will have to be run differently this year. Usually how things go is the club has a “meeting with everyone who is generally interested in the club first.” Although if you missed these meetings you can join the clubs remind, which you can find on their club Instagram ( @verradofashionclub ). 

Students who are interested in design should plan on creating a “presentation to showcase their line idea to the officers (of the club).” If you are interested in the modeling aspect of the club, your involvement comes after this process for Catherine states “ we have a model open call to select the models for the designers.” After that, the club is mostly going to be working towards their fashion show, which usually is next semester. So if the Fashion club seems like the group for you, don’t be shy to reach out and join, for Catherine says the club plans to still “make the most” out of this year.