Want to vote for the upcoming Presidential election? Here’s how.


Andrew Cramer, Staff Writer

The deadline to vote is October 5th, 2020 you can go to servicearizona.com and click on voter registration then begin to verify your voter eligibility. Put in your address information and then select your political party reference.  You will need to be 18 years old, have your social security and your Arizona driver license, or your identification card. If you can’t register to vote online you can register a vote in person by visiting your county’s recorder’s office and filing a registration form in person. Voting is important because it allows you to represent not just yourself but the people who can’t vote. The voices that can’t be heard are relying on you to get out there and vote for what you believe is right. As an American citizen voting is one of the most paramount rights we have and we shouldn’t take it for granted.  If you fail to vote you are letting other people decide what’s best for you.  Get out there and make a difference by voting.