Athletes Need Focus, Meditation Might Be The Key

Meditation and How It Will Help Athletes Keep a Clear Mind

Jessica Godina, Sports Editor

Meditation is a great way for athletes to relieve stress and clear their heads. As it has become a popular trend for athletes to follow because it is a very calm way for them to deal with and/or release frustration. Research has shown that practicing this ancient tradition has led to a clearer mind. It is a very effective way of helping people peacefully cope with stress. It can lead to success during off and on the season. 

There are many benefits to meditating which include it has proven to be one of the most effective ways in releasing stress that athletes face. It also helps athletes cope with pain and the frustration they might face while playing. Another benefit of meditation is that it will improve sleeping patterns. This will allow athletes to get better rest before games. 

A major benefit of meditation is enhancing your focus. Being an athlete comes with a lot of distractions because you have to focus on more than one thing at a time. These distractions lead to a lack of concentration, which throws athletes off their game. Players face major distractions while playing such as an adrenaline rush, the crowd yelling, and worrying about the opposing team.  During the process of meditation, it can fix the struggles faced during a game because the mind becomes more clear and focused on the task at hand while being able to zone out all the noise. 

This is something that many athletes struggle with, trying to balance out school and sports can be quite difficult. It is important to try and stay on top of everything so that things will not eventually become too stressful and overwhelming.