Theatre Club

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Theatre Club

Verrado theater continues club this year and has already a late fall play lined up. I spoke to Abby Noel, club president, on all you need to know about the theater club this year! If you’re wondering where to start when joining the club, you should always look at the Verrado club rush page for links to google classrooms or social media. 

For all information and meet links you will need to join their google classroom, for Abby states the class page has “all of our information..and all the information from the meetings regarding the sign-ups for the plays/musicals.” Abby also comments on the differences of the club compared to last year, like the club has a new “sponsor! she was previously  the English/speech and debate teacher at Verrado.” 

If you want to be a part of theater but would rather opt out of performing, well Abby says “ you do not need to do a show to be a part of the club, we just provide you an opportunity to.” In addition, there’s a lot of experience to gain if you decide to get involved, some things Abby says shes “learned has been confidence, Wether in speaking, acting, leading club, or just hanging out, theater really allows you to showcase your personality and talents.”

In all, what I gained from Abby’s insight on the club is that you shouldn’t be shy to jump in, theater is a welcoming club for all types of personalities.