The Climate Crisis Has Not Gone Away

Hayden Larkin

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Climate change has been a topic that has worried the public, particularly in the past few years. Scientists across the board agreed that the damage humans have done to the Earth at a rapid rate is dangerous and needs some sort of action immediately to curb the potential repercussions. With the many crises appearing this year such as COVID-19, a turbulent election, and more. Obviously in the public consciousness climate change has taken a bit of a back seat, however, it hasn’t left at all. 

  The largest contributors to global warming are the large corporations that hold a lot of power in countries such as China, India, and the United States. President Trump even allowed these companies to break laws set to regulate the crisis during the current pandemic. The fact that these companies economically contribute so much, employ so many, and have so much money to buy into politics they can get away with producing 71% of total emissions. The top 15 food and beverage companies in the U.S alone produce nearly 630 million metric tons of greenhouse gases. They dump waste into rivers, push methane into the air, overuse natural resources, they also commonly ruin forests for example to make larger land expansions for profit. These companies will continue to do this without regulation and public action taking place. Along with the fact that many under the current pandemic are in desperate need of their jobs, you can’t blame them for not speaking out against the hand that feeds them.   People as individuals in a lot of places can’t do eco-friendly alternatives to make help out such as veganism or public transit. People on a person-by-person basis can help but it isn’t always possible. 

Truly the way to help out here is to pursue what you feel is righteous. To make a personal impact whether it be some sort of activism or individual consumer choice. We simply have to put our best foot forward. You could sign petitions, get in the streets, and most importantly vote.