Pokémon Can Make You Rich

Brian Camacho

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Copyright Pokemon.com

Remember those cards that kids use to trade at school or keep in those huge binders with the plastic dividers? Pokemon right? Now, travel about two decades later, the capitalism on these cards has sky-rocketed into the hundreds of thousands. The spotlight on this old childhood memory has caused people to dig through their closets to find the rarest of Pokemon cards. The people who have found the rarest cards are now wanting to add them to their collections along with the highest bidders. and now all they’re wanting to add them to their collections. 

Pokemon, a trading card game originating in the 1996 time period of Japan. Not only were they known for trading, but for their strategic mechanic of battling other “Pokemon trainers” that the players would become when playing. But most of the time, they were traded for other cards because of the rarity or “cool looks of the card”. Now that it’s spiked in popularity collectors are itching to get these first edition cards.

These cards have become so popular that people not a part of this culture know the best cards to have. For example, Pikachu and Charizard. These cards have been marked with very large price tags. The Charizard holographic version is known as the “illustrator” card among collectors recently sold for a price that would buy you a small house.

Every year that these cards remain in a collector’s possession, they become thousands of dollars more expensive and more sought after from other collectors around the world. Thus making these cards the most lucrative collector’s item.

If people invest in these cards now and keep them for multiple years, they can be quite a positive turn out in the money when sold. It’s the new era of the stock market.