Trump First President to Receive Second Impeachment

Hayden Larkin

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After the unprecedented raid of the capitol building on January 6th, the United States was horrified by the event. President Trump called for the rally which turned violent on his social media and many of his rabid supporters were chomping at the bit to attend, and well….the rest is history. Many on the Democrat side drafted articles of impeachment and unanimously voted for it, saying Trump encouraged and sought out the violence enacted by his supporters, leading him to be the first president in US history to receive two impeachments during their presidency. 

Shockingly, however, this is not entirely partisan, while not many a handful of Republican representatives have also voted yes on the impeachment. With that being said most have not and many have even attacked their left-leaning comrades in an attempt to argue against it. Matt Gaetz from Florida claimed bias, he stated the left “set actual fires” when Congress was arguing the severity of the riot. Gaetz however, is just one example of the many Republicans outspoken against the Democrats’ federal actions against President Trump. 

President Trump has been criticized for not taking responsibility for the attack after inciting many social media platforms, most notably Twitter, suspended Trump citing “inciting of violence” for it. While the next few weeks are unsure as to if Trump will be removed early for President-Elect Biden to take his place, one thing is for sure that the turbulence caused is unseen before in modern American history. Many people are even calling for the invocation of the 25th amendment to rule Trump “unfit” for office. 

The attack on the building is indisputably an attempt at some sort of (granted unorganized) insurrection and until Joe Biden takes his spot in the coming week, the country remains in a state of awe and many Americans are surely in some state of paranoia as to how to move forward and repair the fracture in the country.