Are K-drama’s Taking Over the U.S?

Emily Rodriguez

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May 11, 2021
Are K-drama’s Taking Over the U.S?

Korean dramas are often known as a series however in most cases a show rarely gets a second season as it’s not very common for a drama to go longer. Korean dramas have expanded a lot in the United States due to how enjoyable the development of their plots catches the attention of the public. The focus on a Korean drama will be different from one another because there are many types of genres from thriller to fantasy, etc, However, when it comes down to romantic dramas the focus is more on how a couple learns to grow with each other within their bond and the challenges they face that occur to fight for their true love instead of how some shows focus more on the sexual side. When watching a romance drama you will see how the emotions are sincere.

 It portrays real problems to viewers, from how to face insecurities, family problems, or other relationships near the characters. When watching a show you want to feel what the actors are feeling because it makes connections. By bringing in all the different types of viewpoints towards a scene and towards the way the actors work together, Korean dramas are believable. Those connections make a difference; it makes the readers fall for their characters’ roles because of how good and very realistic it’s being shown.  The backstory for the viewers is easy to comprehend the changes and challenges of a character before a dramatic event that made them be who they are now. It brings the emotions of what it’s like to be in the moment as it’s very close to the heart. 

One Korean drama specifically that has been rising on the charts is the Korean drama called “True Beauty.” The drama is originally a Webtoon created by Yaongyi. She is very unique in her drawings and the way she shows her aspects when deciding fashion for the characters. The characters match today’s recent fashion. Yaongyni uses her influence to bring her characters to life by using herself as a reference when it comes down to her makeup she puts on herself. 

The Webtoon is about a girl named Jugkyung who deals with bullying from her classmates because of her face having imperfections.  She starts at her new school and she learns to do makeup with the help of tutorials. This results in her looking very “beautiful.” But, when people start coming back from her past and realize her secret that she is most afraid of people knowing about her true identity and her real face. Soon new people come into her life and show her that being her true self is what is the most important than hiding behind a mask. 

The Webtoon represents how a person can feel insecurities and deal with feeling misplaced and unwanted. Characters come to terms with how mistakes happen and how it’s okay to not be okay at times. They learn it’s okay to not be perfect and to learn to come to terms with that beauty is within you and the more you start to recognize it the better it will be. This Webtoon represents problems we face today, everyone deals with insecurities. It’s nice to see these issues talked about on bigger platforms. Many people may find comfort in the comic and also in the show, which is why it is so popular because even ones who seem the most confident can be hurting the most. Which often leads to suicidal thoughts or action to happen due to dealing with insecurities from looking a certain way or just the way they act which makes society sometimes judge based on what is seen on the surface then knowing in depth how a person is.

If interested in reading the Webtoon follow the steps in the picture below and you will also be able to follow along in the journey of the character and see future projects that are in store for the writer.