Interstellar: One of the most captivating movies made?

The expanding universe and infinity amount of space make everything seem so small from such a vast perspective of what theoretically could be true. Interstellar has perfectly captured what theoretically is happening outside of our view, trillions of lightyears away from Earth. It is one of the best movies to watch when you have loads of time like quarantining during a global pandemic!

Christopher Nolan, the Director of Interstellar, and many other great films like Inception and Tenet, has such a creative mind when it comes to sci-fi films. He has grossed about 5.1 billion dollars worldwide in the box office and over 30 Oscars nominations. The movie Interstellar is about the main protagonist Cooper, who is tasked with leading a mission to find a habitable planet before all of earth’s resources are depleted and wiping out the human race. Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey, makes a stunning and suspenseful performance throughout the film which captures the audience and pulls them deeper into the plot. “Time” being the main plot during this film gives a sense that time in the real world has stopped and you become fully enveloped in what is happening in front of your eyes. 

During the majority of the film, it brings up many scientific theories about what goes on in space and the logistics of it happening if we had the technology to be able to traverse through the universe. With many highly renowned scientists being a part of this film and discussing with the director why and how this all happens, it makes Interstellar one of the most scientifically accurate films ever made. So watching this when you have all the time in your hands, is well worth it! Someone who is interested in science and action films, Interstellar might be the best pick to watch during quarantine!