Among Us Night Created by STUGO


Annabelle Flores, Staff Writer

Among Us Night was brought to us by STUGO and was supervised by Mrs. Spiegel. Despite a pandemic, STUGO created something fun for friends and teachers to enjoy virtually; Among Us Night ended up being a huge hit. It was promoted on their socials, and by teachers. The first day the game began was Wednesday the 10th, the night started off at 6:30 as they arranged people in groups that they requested to be in. You had to fill out a google form and pick who you wanted to play with. Not only that, but you could also ask for teachers that were going to be playing that night, so you could play with your favorite staff members! If you didn’t get to fill out a form to request people to play with, Mrs. Spiegel and STUGO members easily rearranged things and made sure people got into random groups to execute the games with, and still have fun. As soon as you were arranged into break out rooms, you were expected to already have, “Among Us” downloaded on another device so you were able to play the game with your group.

Everyone was extremely friendly and even greeted each other as a server got created by the chosen host. Once the game started, people started associating with the game. Once you died you would no longer be allowed to speak on the call because that would be considered cheating. This event ended at 9 pm, and a date was set for another game which was Friday the 12th during viper connect. This time, they had a “Frenzy Friday” where you could wear the color of your character and the hat you use as long as it was school appropriate.

All in all, STUGO members worked hard rearranging things to create a fun event for students to do online at home. They were extremely grateful for the number of people who showed up and joined the google classroom. The students who played were just as grateful as well, and are extremely excited to see what STUGO has next in store for them. Follow @verradostugo on Instagram for more VHS events, and to be up to date with fun school spirit!