Memories that last! Make them Count!

The history of cameras has come a long way to where they are today. They have been developed as a staple in everyone’s life to capture memories at the moment. From the iconic black and white film, there is a type that stands out the most in the vintage look we all know and love, Polaroids instant film. During quarantine and limited time left in high school, capturing memories is so important now that the end of school is coming to a close.

Capturing photos and having memories last forever on a phone is way more convenient than carrying a big box of a camera around all the time. But think about it, How often do you scroll through your camera roll which has thousands of photos, and get to the very bottom? If you do, then glad you have your self-control over not taking hundreds of photos of a pretty sunset. With a polaroid camera and having a limited amount of film, it allows you to grasp a sense of when it’s appropriate to take a photo and an actual good one. It prints right in front of your eyes and gives you that feeling that this memory will last a lifetime. Being able to have a tangible photo that also has the vintage, old look to it, allows you to look back at it a few years later and spark the exact moment you took that photo and what you did with your friends. 

For the reality of the truth, high school doesn’t last forever nor the memories. They start to fade and being able to cherish them with a collection of photos really makes those good times flow back like you never left. Capture these last few months that we have together and be able to remember the good memories and cherish the friendships we had during these tough times. Make them count!