Academy Award Winners Make First Appearance On The Big Screen Since The Start Of The Pandemic in “The Little Things..”


“The Little Things”, directed by John Lee Hancock, hit theaters this past week and featured a return of multiple Academy Award-winning actors in Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto. As refreshing as it was to see these actors on the big screen again, their talents weren’t even enough to make this film very enjoyable. In fact, aside from the score of this film, the actors were the only thing that was remotely enjoyable in this movie, with what they had to work with. 

This film honestly came out of nowhere. I remember first seeing trailers for it at the beginning of January 2021, and then all of a sudden it came out at the end of the month. It almost feels as if it was rushed. “The Little Things” follows Denzel Washington, who plays a deputy that left this police department in LA for “unknown reasons”, and he eventually makes a return to that department needing to get some DNA sampling where he gets dragged into this serial killer case down in Los Angeles. Here, he runs into Rami Malek who plays the head of the department who essentially took Denzel’s job, and Jared Leto comes in later where he plays the “supposed” serial killer. 

This film tries to be very grim and dark, and while it does get pretty dark when diving into the crime scenes and the characters’ past, the rest of the film was very slow and quite underwhelming. Although I really had no expectations going into this, going off the plot of the story and the stacked cast that was involved, I was genuinely disappointed. 

One of the biggest issues with this film, aside from the fact that it wasn’t as suspenseful as it was advertised to be, was with the plot in general. I found that this movie came with several plot holes, and they were pretty major. This film brings up new directions for its plot, fiddles with it a little bit, and then completely leaves it in the dust and leaves things unanswered, especially with the ending of the main storyline. It’s hard to be specific without spoiling the plot of the film, but it was extremely underwhelming and disappointing for where it went with the story. There were plenty of opportunities to make this film more grisly and dark than it actually was, and they chose to go down the slow-burn, boring route, and let me say, it didn’t pay off. 

Although this film wasn’t what I had hoped for, or what a lot of people had hoped for (according to critics and people that saw it), it still had enough eeriness and a solid performance from the three lead actors to bring some sort of enjoyment to the big screen. The musical score in this film was some of the best since Tenet, as it was key to making this movie as grim as it got. Even though more of this movie was disappointing than it was enjoyable, it was still great to see 3 Academy Award-winning actors back on the big screen, especially Jared Leto. 

“The Little Things” wasn’t a ‘bad’ film, but it definitely wasn’t anywhere near great. With the level of skill the lead actors provide, it was very underwhelming walking out of the theater after seeing this movie. It had several opportunities to be a great film, but it missed on every opportunity it had. If you’re a fan of these incredible actors in general or are in the mood to go for a slow-burn thriller movie, then this may be worth checking out.