The Next Steps for Arizona Education

It’s no secret that Arizona is not the blueprint of perfect education and after a year of online learning, I am left to wonder, what are the next steps? What will school look like in oncoming years and how will we adjust to a new normal? Luckily, the Arizona Department of Education has all the answers within a 40 page document that they call the “Roadmap for Reopening Schools”.  

The document outlines basic health protocols that should be followed when schools reopen. Students and employees should never come to school when sick and therefore, symptoms should be clearly communicated. Physical distancing will be applied in every setting possible. For example, on busses, there may be assigned seating and in a classroom, there may be physical barriers. Lastly, cloth masks will be worn a majority of the school day to help slow the spread. The removal of a mask is only accepted during scheduled eating times.\

Last school year I would have thought all of these guidelines are random and stupid, but now, I think they are necessary. For life to go back to the way it was, everyone needs to follow these precautions. Yes, school will look different. You may not get to sit right next to your best friend all the time, but this is what is next for Arizona education. These changes will take adjustment from everyone, however, this is what officials believe is best for the state. A new normal is approaching and we all should be prepared for it.