The Enjoyment of Skating/Longboarding

Spring has sprung and the weather has become beautiful and warm, making activities outside the perfect source of entertainment. If playing sand volleyball or baseball is not your thing then you should try skating! It’s the perfect activity when you’re bored or have nothing else better to do. It’s even better that it doesn’t require multiple people to have fun. Which is Perfect during the quarantine lockdown requiring social distancing. 

Skating is known in many forms like skateboarding, longboarding, and even roller skating! They have the same thing in common which is getting to your destination in an engaging, and fun physical activity. Though in particular skateboarding and longboarding are the main types of skating I’m going to talk about. Skateboarding is categorized as “freestyle” because of the diversity you can get from it. For example, you can perform tricks on a skateboard but still be able to use it to just ride around and go wherever you want. It’s the most popular type of skating given the size of the board and the diversity of what can be done with it. On the other hand, longboarding is different because its main use is to go fast and “carve” around. Carving is when you move in a snake-like pattern of wherever you’re riding and it helps increase your speed and control at high speed which makes riding loads of fun. Lots of people enjoy longboarding because it’s easier to control and you don’t feel the ground as much because the wheels on a longboard are a lot softer than a skateboard. The board is also much longer than a skateboard hence the name “longboard”. 

From experience, skating during the springs of Arizona is the best time because of the perfect weather and the best activity to do when you have nothing else to do. Try listening to music while doing it or even go skating with your friends!